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SKU# 110064

Qt Deft Lacquer Sanding Sealer

UPC Code: 037125015046 In Store Location: 9R3 The Lacquer Sanding Sealer by Deft is designed to seal the wood pore which allows the topcoat to build faster and go further. It is a quick-drying sealer, the easy-to-sand first step before applying a lacquer top coat. $29.99/Each
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Key Features

  • Sanding sealer for the first coat on any lacquer finishing project. The Sanding sealer dries crystal clear in 30 minutes
  • Save time as this sealer is going to be ready for sanding in 1 hour or less.
  • It is non-yellowing and will not skin over or harden in the can

Product Specifications

Product Type

Lacquer Sanding Sealer