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SKU# 510693

2Gm Instant Glass Glue

UPC Code: 079340291751 In Store Location: 11R5 The Loctite Glass Glue is the only patented super glue on the market which is specially formulated for bonding glass. It is recommended for bonding all types of glass to itself, as well as glass to non-porous materials such as metal and certain plastics. It forms fast and supremely durable joints, its waterproof bonds will dry clearly, set without clamping, and hold for everyday use. $3.99/Each
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Key Features

  • It works on clear, tinted, brown, opaque, and even stained glass.
  • Loctite Glass Glue is heat resistant and dishwasher safe for repairing glasses and crystal.
  • The waterproof bonds will dry clearly and can be set even without clamping, and hold for everyday use.

Product Specifications

Product Type

Instant Glass Glue