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SKU# 25FM20

18# Beadex Silverset 20 Min Red

UPC Code: 018236501130 In Store Location: 1S The Beadex® Brand Silver Set™ 20 Joint Compound is a chemically-setting powder compound that permits same-day joint finishing and next-day decoration of drywall interiors. It can be used for the following applications: filling, smoothing, and finishing interior concrete ceilings and above-grade concrete; taping and finishing gypsum panels; and finishing joints in exterior gypsum ceiling boards. $17.99/Each
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Key Features

  • 20-30 minute setting time
  • Can be easily mixed with water
  • Exceptional bond with low shrinkage and humidity resistance.
  • Offers easy application even in damp weather

Product Specifications

Product Type

Beadex Silver Set

20 min Red