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SKU# 203711

13Point Breakaway Bx Of Knives

UPC Code: 037064070403 In Store Location: 10R4 The Allway Tools 9mm sturdy snap-off knife (pack of 50) is ideal for everyday cutting because of its sharpness and long life. Designed for general-purpose applications such as cutting plastic and paperboard, stripping cables, and opening boxes. With the snap-off blade, you can quickly access new, always-sharp blades. $0.99/Each
79 Available

Key Features

  • Snap off the dull edge to expose a sharp, brand-new edge
  • 13-point replacement blades are made from high carbon steel
  • Durable ABS plastic knife body with a high tensile strength is easy to grip and use

Product Specifications

Blade Material

Stainless Steel


Allway Tools

Handle Material

ABS Plastic


5 in