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Contractor Spotlights

Ben Tomaso - 2024 Contractor Sportlight

When you think of the eastern Washington landscape, what comes to mind? Perhaps a beautiful mountain backdrop with a foreground of sage and grassland criss-crossed with farmland and the glow of a farmhouse flanked by silos. Sounds about right! Now, step away from the known and envision the farmhouse and the silo as one and the same. That’s what Ellensburg resident Ben Tomaso thought when he created his first silo build. The build shown is actually Tomaso’s second silo project. Both silos are top rated AirBnB destinations, which according to reviews provides a “Pinterest-style experience” with others calling it “magical”. That’s a trendy way of saying they’re a unique place to stay and something Tomaso worked hard to create from the ground-up. Silo #2 is just a short commute from Knudson’s (actually, all of 500 yards away), so it was only natural  Tomaso would turn to the contractor team with his complex material list. Instead of using sheetrock, which was a difficult process to install on the tight silo radius, Tomaso opted for Knudson’s 1x6 MDF shiplap. Shiplap provided the flexibility to make the curve, while remaining stable enough to not move as seasons changed–it installs quickly and efficiently and paints beautifully. Another one-off touch was the skylight at the very top of the silo. Typically, the port at the upper peak of a silo  is used for filling grain. With a little sweat equity with his trusty plasma cutter and metal shears, Tomaso transformed the unassuming hatch into a skylight.  Transforming something commonplace–or rather something unassuming–into a never-before-seen tiny home takes ingenuity and a vision that has rewarded Tomaso with a growing clientele at each rental. Looking for a unique night away? Just Google: Silo Tiny Home Ellensburg and pick your date (if there’s any available!) and enjoy a hot tub and patio deck with a country view today. Looking to build an eye-catching AirBnB trend? Knudson can help bring it to life with our professional contractor support team. Stop by and say ‘Hi’ today!

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